About Us

Astro Rising Apparel is an immersive branded experience. A dystopian future where humans are identified by their relation to the stars and identity is tied to the Zodiac chart. Fashion accessories meets Cyberpunk aesthetic in this non-binary universe we created. 

 It is our mission to create an inclusive brand that understands the importance of community and affordable style. We have put so much love and trust into our high-quality merchandise, and we know you will too. 

 We were created to be your One-Stop-Shop for all gear related to Astrological Signs. We seek innovative accessories for each Star Sign, styled with our original Street-wear inspired apparel to emulate the New Era of this century-old set of beliefs.

 Our platform is a place for every individual to shine as they were supposed to, and stand tall while feeling connected to something much bigger. On this dimension, we are based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


                     Owner of Astro Rising Apparel